Private Investigation: When You Just Have to Know the Truth

Suspicions of Infidelity

Suspected infidelity is a major source of work assignments for private investigators. Both men and women find themselves in situations that cause doubt and suspicion in their relationships. While the clues are sometimes so obvious that they can’t be ignored, other people experience a spouse’s cheating that is done subtly, carefully, surreptitiously. In these cases, the doubt and suspicion can cause tremendous stress and the need to determine once and for all whether cheating is occurring becomes the focus of the victim.

Arianna was one of those victims. It started when her husband began to spend more and more time at work. Then came “errands” that took longer than in the past. A night out “with the guys” appeared in Ralph’s scheduled activities. He began coming home from these times with his buddies smelling shower fresh as he hopped into bed. Hmmm. Ariana’s sensors began to tingle and she became convinced that Ralph was cheating.

A Personal Investigation

Determined to know the truth, but not yet willing to confront her husband, Arianna Tried to conduct her own investigation. She quickly found it an almost impossible task. Everywhere she turned, impediments popped up. She couldn’t track his movements and leave the kids at home alone and he’d be sure to notice her familiar car if she tried to follow him. It just wasn’t possible! That’s when she turned to a private investigator for help.

A Private Investigation

Probes into marital infidelity are one of the primary services provided by private investigators. These are not undertakings for an amateur. Knowledge of family law is necessary, along with experience in surveillance and the gathering of information.


A professional investigator seeks information discreetly and confidentially, using tools not available to people like Arianna. Whether it’s the use of vehicle tracking equipment or software that monitors e-mail, chat rooms and other uses of the internet, it all allows investigators a window into the life of the subject of the investigation that goes beyond a partner’s abilities.

Other tools and accesses available to the investigator are asset searches and eavesdropping with electronic equipment. They can identify the person with whom this involvement has developed and provide information about him or her. They can offer data which can be useful if a situation reaches the point of child custody/child support litigation.

The two concerns that most people find inhibit their use of a private investigator are hesitation to subject someone they love to this kind of probe, along with questions about the cost of such an undertaking. Each person must work through the personal issues of engaging an investigator, but costs can be easily determined. While fees vary with location, the average seems to fall around $50 an hour.

Each of us hopes that the question of whether to seek the help of a private investigator will never be one we must address personally. Life often throws us curves, however, and unexpected decisions need to be made. Knowing that the services of such an investigator are available is just one piece of data that most folks will never need, but stands ready when called upon.

When You Just Have to Know the Truth

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