Divorce, Infidelity, and Private Investigators

Divorce is always an unhappy event regardless of who is initiating it and when a private investigator is required, often times, you’ll forget that there will be an added expense to an already expensive pending transition.

Some things, although painful, need to be addressed the moment it is absolute there is no chance of reconciliation. You’ll need to be ready to do some research if you’re going to hire the services of a private investigation firm like Gradoni & Associates.


First of all, hiring a private detective is going to put more strain on an already volatile situation so you are going to have to be prepared to share your most intimate details with a stranger.

Do not just hire anyone. Check all credentials and that means a valid license to practice the duties of a private investigator. Ask to physically see the license.

Once you’re satisfied, carefully consider the contract you’re about to enter into. All services you expect to receive will be documented on that contract together with the investigator’s fees. Ensure you understand that they’re charging an hourly rate, as is typical of such services, having determined approximately how many hours the investigator expects to devote to your case.


You have every right to request references and once you do, many private investigators will refer you to past clients with whom you can be in touch if you so wish. In the event the investigator doesn’t hand over what you’ve asked for, it is a clear indication you will need to look for someone else.


Before you engage in the services of this person, request to see their liability insurance and proof of bonding. They must be covered for public liability so that if anything should occur to property of any description while they are looking after your case, you will not be held liable. Ensure there is adequate cover in this instance.


Whilst you work with your lawyer remain in communication. It is your lawyer who can direct your chosen private investigator and advise them of what evidence is required that will be beneficially supportive of your case.


Work closely with your lawyer and remain honest with every piece of information you impart. It may be difficult and it may cause you some embarrassment, but rest assured, these people have heard similar. They’re not here to judge you. If you have any concerns whatsoever, you must bring them to the table so that both your lawyer and your investigator are aware. Anything that occurs to you may be supportive to your case – write it down rather than rely on memory. You’re going to be inundated with mind chatter during this stressful time.

Success vs Failure

Dissolving a marriage should not make room for assumptions that everything will be reasonably and amicably sorted between you and your spouse. More often than not whilst assets are split, your home is no longer neutral ground, your financial commitments are now independent of each other and the children’s future looks a little hazy. Resentment can call when it’s least expected.

De-Facto is Marriage

Never delude yourself. Married partners are exactly the same as de-facto partners except there isn’t a certificate between you. In any relationship, spouses and partners who have been together and are now facing what they consider to be a lonely future, may lash out in a desperate attempt to control the result of the impending relationship breakdown. Emotions are going to be raw and there will possibly be sides to your soon to be ex-partner that you’ve not experienced before. Try to respond in a rational manner so that you can remain relatively protected particularly when children are also involved.


If you believe your partner is unfaithful, having evidence may be the guidance you need to take the next step. In many countries, like Australia, evidence of infidelity is not admissible in court, however, if in the event the person with whom your partner is having a relationship is going to be involved with in the lives of your children, this evidence could be useful for future identification should anything untoward occur.

The Verdict

Now that you have tangible proof, you can rest assured you now have the best chance to succeed through this difficult time without too much more fuss. Your life may be on hold whilst all this is happening but whilst you’ve been honest with your hired assistance, you’ll be able to move on with your life knowing you did the best you could with what you had at the time.


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